Effective Communication at work

In a world where building a successful career also depends on the ability to communicate effectively, it is vital to improve communication skills in order to get your message across in a way that achieves your goals. In this training you will find tips, that when put into practice will allow you to communicate effectively when selling, drafting emails, presenting, speaking in public and many more.

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  • Communication

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7 Cours 00:00:00 Les heures
7 Cours 00:00:00 Les heures
  • Introduction
  • The need for effective communication
  • Interviews
  • Emails and Letters
  • Communicating as a freelancer
  • Presentation and public speaking at work
  • Selling Effectively
  • English skill
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La description
The business world requires professionals to perform tasks such as Presenting, interviewing, selling, negotiating, speaking in public and many more.
Therefore effective communication plays a major role in ensuring success in the professional world.

For sales people, the challenge lies in the process of convincing a prospect and handling their objections;

For job seekers, the challenge is to convince the interviewer and stand out from other candidates;

When drafting letters and emails, the main  challenge is to apply the 7Cs of effective communication;

When giving a presentation, the challenge lies in properly structuring the content so as to capture the audience's attention;

When speaking in public, the challenge is to handle stage fear, and interact well with the audience.

In order to handle such challenges, we share with you in this training, key elements to help you communicate effectively and meet your objective in all your messages.<!--/data/user/0/com.samsung.android.app.notes/files/clipdata/clipdata_bodytext_220721_162052_572.sdocx-->
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Patrick Mukad holds a degree in Business Administration from BANGALORE UNIVERSITY. He learned subjects related to finance, marketing and human resources.

Passionate about public speaking during his university years, he participated in various competitions allowing him to win notably the 1st place in the Public Speaking competition in 2016 and the Best Manager 2017 award organized by the BBA department of Indian Academy Group of Institutions.

Since his return to his home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, he has been involved in coaching.

Over the past few years, he has helped business leaders, executives and employees improve their English communication skills.

Primarily, he assists professionals in:

▪︎Learning English 
▪︎Preparing for job interviews,
▪︎Preparing speeches and presentations.

Patrick firmly believes that effective communication is a major asset to a successful career. 

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